Sweet Dreams Video – Treatment for Insomnia

Here’s a short video that gives you a few hints on how to get to sleep fast and some suggestions on treatment for insomnia. Stop those restless nights and lethargic feeling during the day! Watch this video and Get a Good Night’s Sleep Tonight!

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$5 Treatments for Insomnia

I was watching Dr Oz’s five dollar Friday the other day and he had proven natural treatments for insomnia so I thought I’d share it them with you. They’re all very simple, and worth a try to reduce anxiety and help you relax. Here they are – in no particular order:

1 – Listen to the sound of a crackling fireplace – according to his guest, you can download this sound for about 99 cents.

2 – Put an ice pack under your pillow case – at the top between the case and your face. Your body sends off a lot of heat at night and with all the covers on you may be getting to hot, which is waking you up during the night. The ice pack will cool you off, and is very refreshing.

3 – A nice warm tea drink might also do the trick. Get some Chamomile tea and mix 2 tsp Liquid Melatonin into the tea – drink before you go to bed to help you relax.

4 – One of my favorites is to have a glass of wine. There are a lot of thoughts spinning through your head all the time, which is probably the reason you’re looking for how to treat insomnia. A glass of wine slows the brain down so thoughts don’t bang around so quickly. It helps you be less anxious and relax faster. It’s a very nice natural sleep aid!

My other favorite way to relax is by listening to brainwave entrainment CD’s. These actually serve two functions, they help me relax, AND they help me be more productive. While they cost more than $5.00, I have been very happy with my results and have NEVER had problems falling asleep after listening the Brain Ev Cd’s.

So there you have it. More than one treatment for insomnia that costs $5.00 or less! Thanks Dr. Oz!

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