New Method to Reduce Chronic Pain

The MELT Method No Pain, All GainI never imagined that sitting all day would be hard on the body, but chronic pain set in after three years of it in a new job. The muscles in my back broke down and I had to go through a lengthy and painful process of physical therapy twice a week in an attempt to strengthen the muscles that had gotten lazy from non-use all day.

Even though I sit all day at work (not even any meetings to attend), I found this odd because when I get home at night I do NOT sit down until we eat dinner. I stay standing for about 2 hours when I get home – either doing housework, cooking dinner or working out. And I go to the gym every Saturday and Sunday. That’s why it very much surprised me to find myself in such a mess.

That’s when I started researching how to exercise the right way. Obviously the exercise I was doing wasn’t the right thing to keep my back in shape. My chiropractor suggested Pilates to try to work on all the muscles. I did try it, but Pilates isn’t the easiest thing to do when your back hurts! Then one of my co-workers introduced me to the Melt Method (there had just been a segment about it on the Dr. Oz show). This is a new method of exercising major points in your body using the melt method roller (this is kind of like the foam rollers at the gym, but NOT hard and painful to lay on – it’s a softer, more giving roller that does the job much better because it allows your body to move better).

I could go on and on about how I almost became a couch potato due to chronic pain, but I can’t possibly describe it as well as the Melt web site does (If I try to explain NeuroFascial Science here, I will probably put you to sleep). The Melt Method is a “simple self-treatment technique that has helped thousands of people get rid of chronic pain.” Check out the Melt Method site today!

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