How I Made the Law of Attraction Work to Double My Income

Law of AttractionI did a what turned out to be a really fun experiment last month to test my goal setting and achieving abilities. You might say I was also testing the theory of The Law of Attraction. So I set a money goal that was twice as high as I have been able to make in the last few months – it still wasn’t really THAT high, but I figured double was about what I could accomplish.

One note before I continue though. My real “Cosmic Ordering” goal is much larger than this because it is a lifetime achievement quest. For last month, I just decided to see what would actually happen if I concentrated my mind and efforts on this one little goal.

My “job” is to sell things for online merchants. When I make a sale, I get a commission. My goal was 20 sales for one particular merchant. By the middle of the month, I had less than 10 to brag about. So I did a few things that I had discovered in a new Law of Attraction type book – and some that aren’t mentioned (like talking ferociously to the computer and begging my email to show me more sale messages).

The other thing that needed to happen was to double the work I did.

I am fairly certain that no matter how much you pray or yell at your computer, you will not meet your goals unless you put in the time!

So I wrote twice as much as I did the month before, and tried a few new things.

Three weeks into the month and I now have only 13 sales. I kept plugging away until I was actually getting closer to meeting the 20 sale goal I had set. By the 28th of the month – after working my butt off – I had 17 sales. I did a few more things and the next day I got 3 Sales! Yahoooo! My goal was met!

My happiness was short lived though when one of them cancelled leaving me with 19 sales and only one more day to get one. The end of the month is not typically when any sales come in for this merchant, but I was so close, I couldn’t stop now!

I just KNEW I could do it! I put in a little overtime that day and the next morning work up to that much anticipated email – “You’ve Made a Sale!” YES!!! 20 sales made! For the first time I had made a goal and actually met it!

Now you can probably read between the lines on what needed to happen accomplish this goal. Mental attitude, persistence, and constant self-pressure to actually do it. But there was also something else. Something I had learned – not from the Law of Attraction, but from a book that discusses the one thing that is left out of the Law of Attraction.

I used what is called a secret ‘Universal trigger.’ You can see it’s incredibly effective at making your future goals a present-day reality; it actually it shrinks the time it takes to make your goals happen.

And, once you’ve done it once, you can do it again and again. You can bet I’m going to do it again – much bigger – this month! Once you know the secret – you can attract just about anything that you want into your life.

If you’re tired of eking through life, struggling to achieve your goals -stop trying so hard! There is a MUCH easier way to align yourself with your goals quickly.

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