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Guided Imagery Explained

Every now and then I read something that makes me say “why didn’t I think of that?” Well, I read something the other day that put a new spin on Directed Dreaming. It's a tool to help with visualization and meditation.

In Directed Dreaming, I tell you how you can get access into the subconscious through your dreams and find out how to solve all kinds of problems. But have you heard of “Guided Imagery?”

Guided Imagery is not that much different than Directed Dreaming, but is used more for healing purposes than for getting answers to questions. It can also help you control anxiety and increase your self esteem, giving you more of a feeling of empowerment!

It works by helping you get into a relaxed state and then tapping into the imagination through guided imagery. Then, using the powers of your mind, you can control pain, deal with anxiety, manage nausea and strengthen your immune system.

You can do Guided Imagery by yourself, or with someone else -- even if you only have a few moments a day, and the more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

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Hemi sync is a technological advancement for improving our human potential and is helpful if you are having trouble changing your behavior patterns with Hypnotism, Directed Dreaming, or any other method. Using Hemi-Sync devices makes the other things you are trying more powerful, and here’s how:

Since you need to use most of your senses in order to change behavior, Hemi sync uses an audio guidance process to send different tones (Binaural beats) to each ear by headphones. This helps to improve focus and concentration, and makes the brain more susceptible to making the important changes you need.

Some people get this confused with subliminal messages, but Hemi sync is not subliminal at all! It is a closely arranged program using sound effects to strengthen the effectiveness of getting these messages to the brain, and helps harness the human potential. It is not something that you can throw together at home, but definitely something that you can do at home whenever you feel the need.

If you’re interested in this new technology, and an easy way to make some life changes, visit our web site here.

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Dream Journals -- What good are they?

In the book  Directed Dreaming, it mentions the importance of having a Dream Journal and even gives a sample of the proper format for the Journal.  Have you started your Dream Journal? 

The dream journal may seem like a bother to do, I have to admit that even I have a problem getting out of bed and writing these strange things down.  But what’s weird is that when I do write them down, and then go back later and read them, I can see some things that have happened that relate to the dream.  I usually go back through my journal once a month and see what has happened to me, and what it was that I dreamed about.  This way, I am getting to know how my dreams relate information, and am getting better at figuring out what they are trying to tell me.  It really is quite fascinating!

Eva G.