Drew Carey Loses 80 Pounds Easily?

It’s awesome – and sometimes amazing to see what can happen when you really try! I’m talking about Drew Carey’s Weight Loss – 80 pounds of weight loss! I read one post that claimed that losing weight was easy for Drew Carey. All he had to do was eliminate carbohydrates from his diet and exercise every day. Guess that’s why it took him 20 years to finally succeed!

Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone! You have to be determined, you have to set your goals, and you have to stick with them, no matter how long it takes. Drew used to have diabetes, but now it’s gone. And I’m sure he’s much happier in front of the camera in his new “skinny” suits!

Do you have a weight loss goal? If so, what’s stopping you from losing all the weight you need? If it’s just willpower, then you’ll have to resolve that issue on your own. But if you just don’t know where to start, Stop Dieting, START Eating and Start Living with The Diet Solution Program.

Exercise Motivation Tips To Stay Healthy

The Diet Solution exercise motivation programYou know how important exercise is and that it’s an integral part of your weight loss and health and self help plan, so why are you still having a difficult time fitting it into your busy lives. OK, yes, exercise may be challenging when you first begin your program, it’s easy to use the “I just don’t have the time” excuse when you feel like you don’t have any exercise motivation.

However, you’ll find it interesting to know that what I have figured out for myself is that no matter which exercise program I choose, it must be something I enjoy. Especially when it comes to the setting and location.

Since I work at home, I need to get outside or go to the gym for exercise. For some, it’s more exercise motivation to convert a second bedroom into a personal “home gym”.

Home gym does not mean you have to have the most expensive, high tech equipment. Mine used to be just an exercise ball, a set of weights, an exercise mat, then our family bought a Wii and I added the exercise program to that. Simple and fun to do!

So when I can’t go to the gym, or be outside, I can do exercises that I love in my own home. It’s my private time and I don’t have to worry about who else needs the equipment or who’s lurking around the gym. I get an hour to myself and it’s a great way to start my day.

Then I asked myself if this could possibly be what’s stopping many people from having exercise motivation? “Is this most people’s problem? Do they not like where they work out so they just don’t want to go?” So it’s really not the actual workout but the environment that they’re in.

One thing is certain, you will never make a lifestyle change to include exercise on a consistent basis if you don’t enjoy it. Who wants to do something that feels like torture? Not me. I love my afternoon exercise time and if it felt like torture, I just wouldn’t have exercise motivation.

Therefore, ask yourself this all important question when you think of how to get exercise motivation. What would you need to do to have an enjoyable workout – one that you look forward to doing? Maybe it’s as simple as becoming a member of an adult sports league? bowling, or starting your own exercise group? Join a gym with a friend and/or get your home gym set up? The choices to find exercise motivation are endless, all you need to do is give it some quick thought – then just DO IT!

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Lose Weight Today With Subliminal Weight Loss Tapes

Are you constantly on a quest to lose weight? Perhaps you get on the scales and you haven’t lost half as much weight as you wanted, or perhaps you cheat just once and eat a meal you shouldn’t. Before long you are on back to your old ways, and so the self promises and disappointment starts all over again. But now things can change, now you can have success with subliminal weight loss tapes.

Many people don’t fully realize why they can’t lose weight. Sadly only some ever stop the everlasting cycle and start to ose the weight. They assume it was the diet’s fault, or blame something else. However, the real reason lies within your mind. In the patterns of behavior and ways of thinking they have programmed into themselves talked themselves into over the years..

If you are regularly having a hard time trying to lose weight and keep it off then you probably have long held beliefs and ways of thinking deep within your subconscious mind which are vastly different from people who are naturally thin. Most people don’t realize it, but these beliefs CAN be changed with subliminal weight loss cds.

These “naturally slim people tend to” think in a different way about food, for example, they don’t want as much high fat foods, or deserts, they eat a healthy and balanced diet and they stop eating when they become full. Mostly they hold different attitudes towards exercise too – this is not a boring or painful activity for them, they really love exercising, and it is just a normal part of their life.

Imagine how you would be able to lose weight if you shared these same thought patterns – not only that but you would also easily keep the weight off and stay slim too.subliminal-weight-loss.

This is how subliminal weight loss tapes can help you!

Subliminal messaging is a natural and safe way of targeting the negative beliefs in your subconscious mind – beliefs which are limiting you in your ability to lose weight, and sabotaging your success. Subliminal messages are most commonly used in audio format. As the messages enter your subconscious mind (without you even noticing) they gradually swap these negative beliefs with positive ones – the same sort of beliefs which are shared by these people who are naturally slim and healthy; people who have have beneficial attitudes towards eating and exercise.

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Fear of Success Causes Lack of Success

fear_success.jpgI sometimes wonder why I do the things I do.  But lately I’ve been wondering more about why I DON’T do the things I should be doing!

You see, I have a huge list of things to do that could make me more successful.  But for some reason, at times, I would rather just read my e-mail and click around on the web, reading interesting and informative web sites.

All that reading isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when I am done reading, all of those things are still on my list!

The problem is, as many experts have discovered, people have an inborn fear of success.  Notice I didn’t say fear of failure; unfortunately, we have that too, but what hurts more is the fear of success!

We can talk ourselves out of all sorts of things.  Making money is one of them, losing weight might be another. 

If you could just stay focused and do the important tasks you seem to AVOID doing or even FEAR doing, you could really accelerate.

Focusing is sometimes hard because it relies on your conscious thoughts – while there are also things going on in your subconscious.   That is why there are so many companies that offer ways to help.

Sometimes it just takes a quite voice to get inside your head and tell you what to do.  It’s like hearing your favorite song on the radio – and then hearing it inside your head for the rest of the day.  That song might make you happy, and you won’t even know why you’re happy, but happiness is always a good thing.

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I have to say that these programs are worth their weight in gold!  They will help you take action today for a brighter tomorrow!

Add a Little Spice to Your Life!

vegetables-36.jpgDid you know that certain herbs can give you that extra kick you need to reduce stress, maintain optimal health and make your life just a little bit more exciting?  Well, here’s the short of an article I found in the March issue of Body & Soul magazine, written by Sharon M. Goldman:

Fennel – You can roast the bulb of fennel as well as use the herb for spice, and you can munch on the seeds also!  Fennel is good for gas and indigestion, and is a strong antioxidant!  It could also help prevent cancer.

Ginger – Good in stir-fries, and fish and chicken marinades.  Ginger is a renowned anti-inflammatory and circulation booster.  It’s also soothing in both summer and winter.

Garlic – My favorite, I put it on everything!  Also known as the poor man’s penicillin, it could protect against gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer.

Thyme – Grows like a weed in our garden, and it’s great in stews and soups.  Not to mention the fact that it has a lot of immune-enhancing properties.

Cilantro – Great for salads, in salsa, or in fish and chicken marinades.  Cilantro revitalizes the body and helps counter indigestion.  There is also some research that suggests it could help remove toxic metals (such as mercury) from the body.  AND, the seed of the cilantro plant is coriander, which also has health benefits.

Basil – Another of my favorites for chicken, pasta, pesto and sandwiches (try a Bacon, Avocado Basil sandwich someday – you’ll never have a regular BLT again!)  Basil also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and contains a wealth of nutrients, including beta-carotene and magnesium.  Amazing!

These are just a few of the spices that you can add to improve your health.  Next time, instead of reaching for the salt and pepper, try a little cayenne pepper instead.  According to David Heber, M.D.,  Chili peppers have been found to help people boost metabolism and lose weight.  And a little bit goes a long way!

Here’s to your health!

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Beat Addictions the Natural Way and Increase your Success Rate by 85 Percent!

Everyone knows that addictions are bad for a person.  Smoking causes lung cancer, alcohol causes ulcers in the esophagus and stomach, etc.; too many addictions combined can cause bones to become brittle, the frame withers away, and you are suddenly shorter, weaker and exhausted.

So why are addictions so hard to break?  Why can’t a person just throw down that last cigarette and quit? Well, you see, it’s not exactly a function of will power alone. 

Research has shown that people become addicted to things because there are abnormal levels of certain chemical messengers in the brain (too many of some messengers, and not enough of others).  This leads to a chronic imbalance in the body, which causes a person to want to eat more, drink more, or take drugs.  But the drugs will only help the imbalance for a short time, and before you know it, you need to take more of them, which causes an addiction. 

This is why natural methods have a higher success rate.  And, I’m not talking about those 12 step programs, where you introduce yourself and state that you have an addiction, and then your peers are supposed to help you by making you feel bad if you fall off the wagon.  Those programs do have value, but they are not effective by themselves.  In fact, 70 to 85 percent of addicts will relapse within 6-12 months of leaving the step programs. 

The better way to bring the messengers to their required level is with proper diet and nutrition – and you will be pleased to find out that its not an uncommon diet.

Eat Less Sugar – Sugar leads to a temporary high, and then a crash, which causes mood slumps and a craving for alcohol, drugs and/or more sugar.

More Whole Grains – Increase consumption of raw or lightly cooked fruits and vegetables, eat brown rice instead of white, and have oatmeal for breakfast.

Snack on Protein – This will help balance blood sugar.  Try eating hard-boiled eggs, cheese, nuts, peanut butter and apples every two or three hours.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to break the addiction by yourself just by changing the diet; it will take a long time and a lot of dedication.  That’s why the holistic programs use a physiological and psychological approach, and claim to have as much as an 85 percent success rate.  It’s kind of like this:  If you broke your arm, you would want to see a doctor to get the arm fixed up before you started talking to others about how you broke it.  It’s the same theory, you need to get the messengers back into balance, and then you can do the 12-step program with your peers.

Now back to food:  Good food sets off neurotransmitters in the brain, but food alone cannot act fast enough to get needed vitamins into the system.  The body is slow to deliver vitamins from food, and sometimes there are blockages that prevent food and vitamins from getting through.  That is why addicts drink alcohol and go for drugs; there is quick relief when drugs are delivered as a liquid.  It’s also why it’s necessary to get professional help for an addiction; and my preference would be for holistic methods. 

With holistic methods, professionals will do tests to check liver and kidney function, and nutritional status and then perform psychological surveys to see what brain chemicals are out of whack.  Different vitamin levels will be prescribed for each person.  Vitamins are then put into the system intravenously, bypassing any damage done to the gastrointestinal system that would limit the ability to absorb nutrients.  These vitamins consist of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin B.  The Vitamin IV is usually recommended for six-ten days.

Since vitamin deficiencies prompt cravings, the Vitamin IV therapy can stop the withdrawal that leads to relapse with other programs.  Once brain chemistry is rebalanced and the body can absorb the nutrients by itself, patients can start taking vitamins orally along with nutritional counseling.

This seems like a much better way to cure an addiction then to put someone on another drug, like sedatives or stimulates.  It will have a life-long effect on your health, and probably a side benefit of natural weight loss.  If you are interested in learning more, try to find a “Health Recovery Center” in your area, or a Holistic Health Clinic.


USA Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions

These are interesting, but sad, numbers about the overweight population– just thought you should know.

  • 58 Million Overweight; 40 Million Obese; 3 Million morbidly Obese
  • Eight out of 10 over 25’s Overweight
  • 78% of American’s not meeting basic activity level recommendations
  • 25% completely Sedentary
  • 76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

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