Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Review

how-to-have-a-lucid-dreamI just finished going through Rebecca Turner’s new Fast Track Lucid Dreaming system which includes “The Art of Lucid Dreaming – The Pursuit of Conscious Dream Control,” and I have to say I was amazed at all of the NEW information and step by step guidance she provides in this new system. I’ve been doing lucid dreaming for quite a while but there were things in this book that that I did not realize were possible!

Note: This is my review of the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track System, Click Here to Go Directly to The Art of Lucid Dreaming.

For example I really had no idea that there was such a thing called the wild technique. As Rebecca explains it:

“WILD is also referred to as the Mind Awake / Body Asleep technique, it enables you to enter a lucid dream directly from a waking state. This is method is often used by out-of-body explorers and, depending on subtle differences in induction, can either lead to lucid dreams or out of body experiences.”

She not only goes through the basics of keeping a dream journal and remembering your dreams, which is a very important first part of lucid dreaming, but then she goes through some dream symbols and a lot of other beginner to advanced lucid dreaming information.

For example if you constantly dream about animals, or being chased – maybe falling, flying or other things, she gives you an explanation of why you might be dreaming about these things.

There are actually quite a few dream symbols explained in the book from the very basic things people dream about often, to a few very odd things.

“This is The Definitive Guide To Lucid Dreaming For Beginners And Beyond! Includes Two Beautifully Presented Ebooks And A Professional Hypnosis Session. Takes You Down The Rabbit Hole, Teaching You How To Have Lucid Dreams And Use Them For Wild Virtual Adventures!”

Rebecca says that lucid dreaming is like “taking a creativity pill” and I have to agree with her once again! You can do anything and everything while you’re inside a lucid dream. She also teaches you:

  • how to stay in lucid dreams longer
  • controlling your lucid dream so you can have the lucid dream you want
  • increase your ability to travel through time
  • talk to your subconscious mind
  • . . . and much more!
  • It’s AMAZING how much you can do when you have a lucid dream – that I was not aware of before.

    In fact I did NOT know that you could talk to your subconscious mind while you were lucid dreaming. I guess as the author of “Directed Dreaming – Success from The Subconscious,” I should have considered that option, but it just never occurred to me that you could get into your subconscious while you sleep, as well as when you lucid dream!

    Later on in the book she gives you a few more challenges to do – but she doesn’t just challenge you to fly with perfect control or run through walls! There are actually 10 challenges that she goes through step by step and tells you exactly how to complete them.

    This is from her own personal experience (she’s been lucid dreaming since she was 14!). You can bet if you try to do the things like she’s done them you will have better success in not only doing these things, but in creating your own new adventures.

    I suppose this review wouldn’t be complete without telling you that she does have a section on lucid dreaming sex also. It appears that a lot of people don’t have success with having sex in lucid dreams, and there’s a good reason for that. Get her book today and you’ll know why this may be happening to you, and how to fix it!

    This is just a handful of things that you’ll find in her book – but that’s not all you get with this system. There’s also a hypnotic recording which is a Guided Meditation MP3. This meditation piece not only goes through a sleep process, but it also walks you into inducing a lucid dream, and getting into the dream.

    So while you’re listening to the MP3, you’ll actually practice lucid dreaming and GET INTO this suggested dream! This is exciting because once you’ve actually gotten into a lucid dream – even if it’s one that’s being suggested to you – you’ll know what to expect and again, be able to more easily get into your own dreams.

    If you REALLY want to have a lucid dream, my advice is to do the MP3 a few times and get a feeling for how it’s done. You’ll also get a written version of this guided meditation so if you want you can take it and make your own dream. Just memorize the steps, practice a few times, and you will know how to have a lucid dream of your choice.

    If you’re working on lucid dreaming – or even if you already lucid dream but can’t seem to make them last as long as you would like, I highly recommend you get Rebecca Turner’s new system: The Art of Lucid Dreaming.

    lucid dreaming fast track system

Can Vitamin B Help Dreams Become Intense Lucid Dreams?

Many people have been experimenting with Vitamin B to help them remember their dreams and increase their chances of being aware that they are dreaming. This offers an opportunity to get into the dream and have some unheard of fun! It’s called Lucid Dreaming – but does Vitamin B really help? And how much should you take for maximum enjoyment without harm?

Let’s begin by taking a look at what Vitamin B is supposed to do for a person who is NOT considering using it for Lucid Dreaming.

B vitamins deliver a variety of health benefits to the body and have been shown to:

  • Enhance immune and nervous system function
  • Bolster metabolism
  • Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone
  • Promote cell growth and division — including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.

Together, they also help combat the symptoms and causes of stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

For B vitamins and dreams, most people start with Vitamin B6, also know as Sublingual B6 which dissolves in the mouth. At least one preliminary study has found that this vitamin may increase dream vividness or the ability to recall dreams. Experimenters with this Vitamin suggest using about 75 mg a night (or lower) and claim that this dosage should be enough to enhance your dreams.

Lucid Dreamers have touted vitamin B6 as the “Magic” vitamin, but say it is more helpful if you mix it with a sleep aid, or a sedative. They claim that this mixture creates lucid dreaming vitamins that help them have more intense Lucid Dreams.

Just taking a gentle sleep aid made up of natural vitamins and herbs that is made to help people have vivid lucid dreams would be a better idea, and much safer. Mixing and matching vitamins in various quantities before you go to sleep at night can be dangerous and is not recommended for anyone!

One of the benefits I noted above was that Vitamin B enhances nervous system function – that could be a problem for some people. In order to have vitamin B6 dreams you need to take about 75mg of the vitamin. Vitamin B6 is usually sold in 2mg doses for a reason; you are not supposed to overload your system with it! An overdose of B6 can cause a temporary deadening of certain nerves such as the proprioceptory nerves; causing a feeling of disembodiment – this is not a function of lucid dreaming and is NOT a good thing!

The best choice would be to get something that contains the ingredients you want in a dosage that has been verified and recommended. For this reason, Lucidia might have the lucid dreaming vitamins and/or that will benefit your lucid dreaming adventures, without having to put yourself in jeopardy of going to sleep and never waking up. . .

Click Here If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your dreams, or start a journey of self discovery through your own personal dream analysis – Lucidia Lucid Dream Pills will work for you!

Inception Lucid Dreaming Wake Up Kicks

One more small post about the inception movie then I’ll continue onto something else. It’s just such a complex movie that after you see it, there are more than a few things going on in your mind, one of them is the notion that you’ll need “Wake Up Kicks” in order to get you out of the dream state.

The reason the wake up kicks were important to the Inception lucid dreamers was that they used a sort of dream machine to put them into a deep sleep. Therefore, because they were under a forced deep sleep for longer than a regular person would be asleep, they used a timer and/or music to let them know when it was time to wake up.

This was especially important while they were on their mission as it told them how much longer they had before they would be “kicked out” of their dream state and brought back to reality. On their mission they had to sleep for a very long time, so they also took a sleep sedative that would put them out for about 10 hours.

The time/space reality of the dream stage was also interesting. I have done a few “Rebirthing” sessions, which is almost the same as past life regression, and it’s very true that when we sleep, dream time goes much slower than real time. That’s why you can have such long, intense lucid dreams when in reality only a small amount of time has passed.

The point I’m trying to make here is that for people who want to learn how to lucid dream, waking up is not something to worry about. That will occur naturally just as it does when you’re having a relaxing sleep. As I said before, reality checks might be the most important thing you need to become efficient at if you plan on doing lucid dreaming for long periods of time.

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Inception Movie Lucid Dream Reality Checks With Totems

In the Inception Movie (staring Leonardo Dicaprio as Cobb) they use totems, to determine if they are in a lucid dreaming state or in their current reality. The inception totems are designed by them, and only they know the exact weight and expected outcome of the totem when they put it into play.

For example, Cobb uses a small spinning device. When he is in the real world, the device will spin and eventually stop. When in a subconscious mind dream state it will continue to spin endlessly. Everyone in the movie, as well as more than a few lucid dreamers, has their own totem which cannot be touched by anyone else – therefore if you want your own inception totem, you’ll have to make it yourself!

While I’ve never heard it called an inception totem before, reality checks are very much a part of the lucid dreamer’s world. When you’re learning how to have lucid dreams, it’s important to know exactly when you are in a dream so you can take control of the dream, and when you’re in real life – in real life you can’t jump off a building and live!

Reality checks can come in the form of a small device, as is used in the Inception movie, or they can be as simple as something you do or say to yourself that lets you know you are not dreaming anymore. A good example would be a screen saver on your computer that interrupts you every so often and makes you do a reality check. And vice versa, when you’re dreaming, you might see clocks that are upside down (hint: watch out for these in the Inception movie so you can tell when they are actually dreaming – it gets very confusing sometimes).

As you can tell, Reality checks are VERY important to the lucid dreamer, and should NOT be taken lightly. If you’re into Lucid dreaming or interested in it, you will probably like the Inception movie. I will warn you though, there is a LOT going on at any given moment so you’ll have to play close attention. It’s a thrilling action-packed movie and I enjoyed it a lot, but wished I would have planned to have a drink with my friend who went with me after – there’s just so much to discuss and talk about in the world of inception lucid dreaming. Don’t feel bad if you want to see it a second time to catch all the stuff you might have missed. . .
Feel free to leave a comment below to discuss your view of the movie.


  • There is a screen saver that helps you do realty checks included in the Lucid Dreaming Kit.
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Have Someone Elses Lucid Dream?

Inception Movie Review, Lucid Dreaming Emphasis

After I read a few reviews about the Inception movie I just had to go see it myself. In the review I read, the movie critic was very confused; said he couldn’t follow the movie; said it was hard to determine when the actors where dreaming and when they were awake; and said he wouldn’t recommend it.

But I beg to differ! Even if you didn’t know about inception and/or lucid dreaming, if you’re going to watch a movie about people getting into each others subconscious on a variety of different levels, you better be prepared to be ENTERTAINED! After all, isn’t that what Lucid dreaming is all about?

Even though the term “lucid dreaming” isn’t actually mentioned in the movie, lucid dreamers everywhere will recognize that that’s what is actually happening in the inception movie, starring Leonardo Dicaprio (as Cobb), who is the instigator of the subconscious prowling.

The term inception lucid dreaming is not one that is fully recognized and was probably made up for the movie. But the main plot (without giving too much away) is that instead of getting into your own dreams to have a little fun (as in regular lucid dreaming), you get into someone else’s dreams, go on a particular mission, and take a few other people with you.

In the Inception movie, Cobb has been accused of a wrongdoing and can never see his family again – UNLESS, he does one more job. He must use inception-lucid dreaming to PLANT an idea into Fischer’s (Cillian Murphy) mind. This has only been tried once before by Cobb and he failed miserably the first time. Apparently in order to plant an idea, you need to go down THREE levels of dream stages. And that’s where the fun and confusion begin.

If you’re not paying attention, you’ll lose sight of which level of the dream the inception lucid dreamers are on. Oh, I forgot to mention that there are bad guys in the movie that come out of Fisher’s subconscious mind to protect him. The other dreamers were not aware that he had been trained by an expert to call on his thugs if anyone tried to break into his mind and get into his subconscious dreams. And that’s where the action in this adventure starts – again!

This is a very action packed movie. I was sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire time. Unfortunately, you won’t learn how to have lucid dreams by watching the inception movie, but if you weren’t a lucid dreamer before you went to the movie, you just might come home yearning for a little action while you sleep. I do believe I might just take Leonardo Dicaprio into my Lucid Dream tonight!

Have Someone Elses Lucid Dream?

If you’ve watched my video on Lucid Dreaming (attached below), you already know the two most important things to consider when trying to get into your dreams and become lucid. In case you don’t’ remember – here they are:

  • The best time for lucid dreaming is right before waking up in the morning
  • Try to recall the previous night dreams

Many people who follow these two steps have great success in becoming lucid. However, for some it’s not so easy. That’s why there are books, tapes, and information available to help you become lucid. You probably have a few of these at home if you’ve really become interested in lucid dreaming – and hopefully they’re working for you.

But with new technology, comes new fun! There are now lucid dreaming cds for those who want to become lucid at a CERTAIN activity.

For example:

  1. Fly
  2. Relax
  3. Get Rid of Fears
  4. Become a Muscle Man
  5. Time Travel
  6. Astral Travel

Or six other Adventures!

With Lucid Dreaming Adventures, you can fly to the moon or ANYWHERE ELSE you want to go!

And you can easily target your dreams and enjoy a different adventure EVERY SINGLE night.

YOU decide EXACTLY what it is that you do while you sleep!

Use the time to solve a problem, overcome a fear, learn something new, or just fly away. . . .

The Lucid Dreaming CDs are all individually set up so you can select the adventure of your choice 12 different lucid dreaming cds.

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Why You MUST Interpert Your Dreams To Have A Lucid Dream

Most people who are successful at having a Lucid Dream know what it takes to become conscious while dreaming. The most important thing is to start to remember your dreams during the day, so you’ll be more aware of exactly when you’re dreaming and WHAT you’re dreaming about.

The WHAT part of your dream can be a bit confusing though. What does it really mean? When you dream of flying, does that mean you want to fly; are trying to get over a fear of flying; or just that its fun to do – so you do it because you can!

Dream Interpretation is a complex process because your dream has to be set up in pictures. Sometimes the picture is a little off in explaining what the dream is trying to reveal. Just think about what would happen if you couldn’t speak, and tried to get someone to guess what you were trying to say just by drawing pictures.

That’s probably where the game Charades, came from, although in the game, it’s more fun to guess what someone’s trying to tell you because you actually get to find out in the end. When you dream, you may or may have a clue as to what your dreams mean.

If you’re good at interpreting your dreams, you shouldn’t have a problem getting into them with Lucid Dreaming because you know what the dream means, and you can more easily identify with it.

If you’re not so good at dream interpretation, you might want to check out the Dream Meanings Kit. It includes a Dream Dictionary, as well as your Private Dream Log, for recording your Dreams.

But most importantly, there is a unique Dream Analyzer so you can Get INSTANT INTERPRETATIONS of Your Dreams! All you do is enter your dream details into the Dream Analyzer, Click a Button, and let your computer produce a FULL Analysis For You!

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