Use Biofeedback To Reduce Stress And Alleviate Pain Quickly

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about using Biofeedback as a natural healing device and stress reliever.  Biofeedback is useful because you actually get visual information on what signals the body is giving you (kind of like when you step on a scale and you see how much you weigh).

Although the word seems a little confusing, just think of Biology.  Most of us have gone through a Biology class at some point in our lives; it’s all about the body and how it functions.  That is where the first part of the word comes from “Bio” meaning the body, and the Feedback part comes from the technology used to get and view information from the body. 

Most Biofeedback devices use a multi-media display, such as a computer screen or monitor, to “feed back” the information to the user.  Clinicians use high-tech devices that can monitor brain activity, and internal bodily functions such as blood pressure and heart rate.  There are also simple home devices, and computer biofeedback games that are easy to use, with attachments to the fingers to measure pulse rate and temperature.

The reason Biofeedback is so popular is that it is a pain free way to relieve all kinds of ailments.  One of the uses being migraine headache relief, but it is also useful to control heart rate, blood pressure, digestive disorders, etc., those functions that are not usually controlled voluntarily.  Any system in your body that can actually be monitored can be controlled, with enough practice.

Once a person learns that they can control these functions, they can also remedy physical ailments.  This is a new age of Wellness, and people are now being asked more and more to take responsibility for maintaining their own health.  In fact, many Insurance companies now have programs that are offered to help people determine how healthy they are, and what they need to do to get healthier – go figure!

So, how does it all work?  You sit down and are hooked up to the Biofeedback device.  This could be as easy as putting something on a couple of fingers, or as major as having sensors stuck all over your body (as is done with sleep studies).  These will measure your electrical signals.    Techniques vary, but some machines have lights or sounds that go off as your muscles tense or you grow more stressed.  The object for you is to try to make the flashing, or sound, slow down or stop, or control and move objects on the screen.  This helps you see what habits you have formed to deal with stress, which is the major cause of pain or disease. 

People have just forgotten how to relax, and Biofeedback is the key to bring relaxation back to the front of the mind, and set it as an important goal.  Once you learn how to control your own functions, and the brain has found a better way to operate, it all becomes natural and your bad habits are changed!  You can now relax easier, and hopefully have learned how to control pain.  You will get better at pain control with practice.

So, if you’re hearing all the talk that is going on, ask your physician or health professional if Biofeedback could be right for you.  Or, if you want to step in slowly, try a biofeedback computer game and see what happens.  The game might actually be more fun than being in a physician’s office, and if it works, you’ve just saved yourself a lot of money!

Good luck, and be well!

Confidence, Motivation, And Self Esteem – Causes And Cures

By: Pamela M. Joy 

When you learn how to empower and motivate yourself, you take back control of your own emotions and your life! You don’t need pompoms and the false hype! Most people just need a little help in learning how to take a step back in order to see things from a different and more constructive perspective. Once you do, the natural byproduct is confidence, higher self esteem, strength and a strong inner knowing that you are in control of your own life!

Fleeting Motivation – The problem with “cheerleaders” and “motivators” is that they build up your confidence and motivation through manipulating your emotions. But, emotions are temporary and often fleeting. Once you hang up the phone, or the seminar is over, you’re then left with you own feelings of doubt and insecurity which begin creeping back to the surface. And, with no clear understanding of what’s causing those feelings and more importantly HOW you can change them yourself, you’re quickly right back where you started until you get the next temporary “fix” of inspiration or motivation.

The Root Cause – It’s not always easy to see yourself from an objective point of view. And it sometimes takes an outside person who’s not emotionally involved in the situation to help you see what’s really going on. The only way to change the results is to change what’s causing those results. Yeah, I know that sounds easy enough, but what if you honestly don’t know what’s causing the results? And, what if you have NO idea where to start, or how to even begin?

Weaknesses or Strengths – Everyone has certain things about themselves that they were taught to see as weaknesses, things that were not acceptable and need to be changed. What if you found a way of seeing those very things as not only acceptable, but as strengths instead of weaknesses? How might that change not only the way you see yourself, but also how you felt about yourself? In other words, this IS the cause (or lack thereof) of self esteem! You see, the truth is, every single “weakness” is really a strength in disguise!

A New Perspective – Every coin has two sides and the picture you see on it is determined by what angle you’re viewing it from. In other words, there’s more than one way to see the same thing. For example, someone who has been told from childhood that they talk too much and need to learn how to curb that part of their personality, could grow up to become a powerful public speaker. Someone who was taught to stop “tinkering” with things and taking them apart could grow up to become a famous inventor!

Empower Yourself – When you can start seeing ALL of you as being important and when you can learn how to utilize those “weaknesses” in a constructive way, you then start building yourself up instead of constantly tearing yourself down! But sometimes it takes another objective perspective to help you see it that way. Once you do start seeing yourself in this way, you truly begin to empower yourself. You no longer need anyone else to motivate you because you are truly motivated by your own strength and power!

When you learn how to empower and motivate yourself, you take back control of your own emotions and your life! You don’t need pompoms and false hype! Most people just need a little help in learning how to take a step back in order to see things from a different and more constructive perspective. Once you do that, the natural byproduct is confidence, higher self esteem, strength and a strong inner knowing that you are in control of your life!

About the Author: Pamela M. Joy, Life Coach and Metaphysical Consultant – Life Coaching from a metaphysical perspective! – 434-263-4024 – http://www.kre8ivelady

Stress Management: Find Your Own Relief!

More on Stress Management — I guess I just can’t get enough of it! I think the part about not liking your job nicely leads into my last post on if you should quit your job!  🙂

P.S.  If you’re really stressed, you might want to check out the
5 Steps to Getting Anything you Want.”


 by: Ray Kelly

Would you believe that one of the biggest contributors to your state of health is how stress free your home environment is? Those who live in stressful conditions in home or at work are much more likely to have accidents or become ill when compared to those who consider themselves to be in a non-stressful work or home environment.

Unfortunately, the modern world has created situations in both home and work that are at a higher level of stress than those of past generations. The world today runs at a much faster pace then the world even ten or twenty years ago. And it is speeding up if anything. The demands we make on ourselves are increasing, as are the expectations we have of our relationships and ourselves. Is it any surprise that Heart Attacks are a leading cause of death in the United States? What can be done to fix this?

First consider that you will actually spend more working hours at work than you will at home. Given that consider how stressful your job is and what about it makes it stressful. Once you pinpoint the causes see if you can find a way to reduce the stress level or delegate the responsibility of certain tasks that are particularly troublesome.

Stressful activities are not the only employee problem though. The fact is many feel stress simply because they do not like the job as a whole. If you do not like your job then you owe it to yourself to go about seeking other employment rather than staying at the risk of long-term health problems. Sometimes the simple act of even exploring other opportunities lessens the stress in your life. So even if you only look it is probably more beneficial to you than continuing to endure a job that you do not enjoy.

Second, consider the town or city that you live in. Is this the ideal place for you? Life is too short to live in a where you are unhappy. Yet, we all know many people who complain day in and day out about the place they live and yet they don’t do anything about it. Often we make compromises about living preferences to be close to family and these are not bad decisions. The support and foundation that extended family provides is very important for our overall health and well being. However, if that is not a consideration then there is no reason one should not make a move to a happier and healthier environment.

The perfect environment for one person is not necessarily the perfect environment for another though. For some, being beside the ocean is the ultimate in tranquility while for others it is a stressful nightmare because of the hurricane risk. Make a decision that is right for you in terms of where you choose to live.

Third, consider your actual home in terms of the actual physical environment itself and also the emotional environment created by the members living within the home. Ideally both of these should be healing, peaceful and stress free.

It is always easier to fix the physical environment first. Decide to build a sanctuary in your home. A sanctuary is a place you can retreat to that resonates with positive energy. What is needed in that place depends on your own personal taste. Some may want to make it a religious sanctuary or sacred space while for others it may simply be a quiet place in nature. And do not underestimate the effect of plants and landscaping on your own individual health. Healthy plants reflect a healthy life.

Lastly, think about the emotional environment created by those who live in your home. Is it healthy, peaceful and supportive? What underlying conflicts disrupt the harmony in the home? Go about seeing that these are settled for the best interest of all.

Create an environment that you are happy with both in your personal life and in your professional life and you will appreciate the long-term benefits that result.

About The Author
Ray Kelly is an Exercise Scientist with 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Sign up for his free 7 Day Weight Loss Course at

The Power Of Our Minds

This is along the same lines as what is taught in Directed Dreaming, so if you don’t have a copy of that book yet, pay attention to this little piece by Mark McCormack


I talk a great deal about motivation, inspiration and passion as keys to success. In this article, I will expand on these concepts and delve into the most exciting philosophies and secrets about them.

The mind has two distinct parts. It has the subconscious and the conscious. The conscious mind is the simulation we call the personality; it is you as you are when awake and creating thoughts. The subconscious mind is like a powerful computer that stores and executes these thoughts. It absorbs all information but performs no thinking at all.

Now, the subconscious is connected to all other subconscious minds. There is a tremendous amount of information passing through the subconscious mind but the conscious mind is generally not connected enough to be aware of it and this is the problem.

Most people are not even aware that they have a subconscious mind that stores all this great power! It is estimated that the subconscious mind can perform over 25,000 actions per second! It keeps your heart beating, skin moist, hair growing, kidneys functioning, equilibrium steady, and every thought you ever had imprinted. Not only does the subconscious mind store our thoughts but it also executes them. If one doesn’t know about this power then how can they master it?

And here lies the trick to tapping the power of the mind.

First we must realize we have this power and become conscious that every thought we have is absorbed by the subconscious and sent out into our reality where it mixes with everyone else’s realities. Once we take the reins of our power then we can steer it and realize the full effect of our positive and negative thoughts on reality.

See, the subconscious mind does not think and therefore will not sort out “bad” thoughts from “good” thoughts. Are you constantly thinking about the worst that can happen? Well stop because the subconscious will send it out and attract it. The same thing goes for happy and positive thoughts. The more energized a thought is the more powerfully it will affect reality and the most powerful thoughts are those with great emotion attached.

It is your job, it is the conscious minds job, to create thoughts with constructive emotional energy. The only way to do this is by reframing your state of mind to be aware of negatives but to focus on the positives; it is by motivating yourself and finding inspiration in the dynamic interconnected world before you. And as you do this, you become deeply rooted in the conscious creation of your life. A greater sense of intuition will automatically take place and you will learn to let go of those things which truly do not matter.

Here you will find what really does matter to you and your subconscious will then begin to automatically manifest it. This is the way of the successful and happy. It is what makes great business people, salespeople, and marketers. Be aware of your power and align it with yourself. Take effective action and be the change you want to see in the world.

Copyright 2005 Mark McCormack

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Are You Willing To Follow Just One Step To Get Answers?

There really is only one thing you need to do in order to get answers to any question or problem you are having, and that is to write out the question, in the correct way, before you go to sleep at night, and then ask your subconscious to answer the question for you.

This plan only works if you do one important thing – as soon as you get the answer – write it down! 

Last night I asked myself what would be a good name for a wellness website.  I am planning to put up a very informative website to teach people how to stay well as they age.  I need a good name for the site, and I knew my subconscious could come up with one.

I hadn’t gotten it by the middle of the night, so I asked again and IMMEDIATELY had it!  It was Perfect!  It said wellness, it said natural, it said anti-aging, it stood for all things I wanted my new site to teach people, I was very excited, I couldn’t wait until morning to see if the name was already taken!  — But I didn’t want to wake myself up and write it down.  So I told myself to remember it, gave myself a few clues, and went back to sleep.

This morning I woke up and asked myself what it was.  I tried to remember what clues I had given myself to help me remember, there was nothing. . . My excitement was gone, and now I am trying desperately to remember what was given me, and I’m not getting a thing.

So, I guess I need to practice what I teach.  After all, I am the Author of the book on Directed Dreaming and I should know better! 

So, please, take my advice.  When something is given to you from the subconscious, be sure to write it down immediately, or it could be gone forever.

P.S.  If you have a good name for a wellness site, feel free to post a suggestion.  Thanks!

New BiofeedBack Software

Have you heard about the new biofeedbadk stress reducer computer/self-help “game” It’s called ”Journey to the WildDivine.” The computer game, which feels like a game but really isn’t, combines all the mental and physical health benefits of monitored biofeedback with an array of computer graphics that can become addictive – in a good way (you’ve got to love a game in which you get to ride a zebra!).

This product also makes the skill of “meditation” easily accessible for Westerners (as opposed to those who do meditation on a daily basis), and you can actually watch your heart rate and other biological indicators change as you “play” AND, the game demo is FREE.

Here’s what some are saying:

“The Wild Divine is helping to transform our mass consciousness to one of peace and harmony through a very practical program that allows people to get in intimate touch with the innermost core of their being. To know that they have more power than they have ever realized, to know that they can influence what is happening in their body, in their mind, in their emotions, as well as in the world that they create everyday.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D. Author of the new release, The Book of Secrets

The Journey to Wild Divine is more than a game, it’s a tool for the Mind-Body work we value. It certainly has proven so with me – and it’s a hit with my patients. It’s an outstanding product and since it’s amazingly inexpensive, I encourage my patients to use it as home practice. It’s complex and challenging enough that no one has gotten tired of using it.
Thomas M. Brod, MD, Sr. Fellow, BCIA, American Board, Psychiatry & Neurology